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10 Signs you Need to Hire a Copywriter

Copywriter for interior designers

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Professional copywriter will tap into your brand and find the right words to connect with your audience. Here are 10 signs your business needs it.

About a decade ago (or maybe even less) content produced by copywriters was kind of the elephant in the room marketers tried to ignore. It was like that stray cat you try to avoid feeding because you know if you give in it’ll never leave. Fast forward to today and a whopping 93% of successful B2B companies say they’re extremely committed to their content marketing strategy.

The problem is that content marketing requires good writing and good writing isn’t easy. A writer has a select list of qualities ranging from quirky to downright obsessive compulsive in order to generate engaging, well-researched and compelling content for a specific audience. It also takes elusive skills from grammar guru to wordsmith and research doyen to story telling maven to capture attention and urge on a reader with every word.

Although you might not see hiring a writer in your future, here are 10 signs that are telling you other wise.

1. You can’t find your brand voice

Voice? Wait, what? Yes, voice. Voice is one of the most important aspects of writing. It tells your customers who you are and what you’re all about. If your brand voice is coming across too corporate or formal when your audience is young and vibrant, they’ll bale.

Sometimes no matter how edgy, cool, or distinctive your product or service is, the writing lessons hammered into your head just won’t allow you to break out of that formal writing mould. A pro writer will tap into your brand to find the tone that’ll strike a note with your readers. Oh, and if you’re a corporate brand that just can’t hit that formal tone? Well, a copywriter can do that too.

2. You have trouble putting in words your key differentiator

Sometimes you’re so close to your brand, you kind of forget what makes you so awesome. You get caught up in the details and forget how to blow your own horn. Your unique value proposition – your differentiator – should be singing the loudest at the back of that choir. If you can’t sing your own praises, a copywriter will do it for you.

3. No time to develop content

I’ve been there, you’ve been there. Time flies when you haven’t got enough of it. Maintaining an online presence takes time. Unless you’re a major corporation, chances are you’re either a one man show in a barely existent digital marketing department or it’s just little old you, a small business owner without a marketing team at all. Either way, you have to invest time in content. If time isn’t on your side, then a copywriter can step in and pick up the slack.

4. Your competitors are killing it

Oof. This sucks. You see your competitors are all over their social media and killing it on their blog, yet you can’t even come up with a single Facebook or Instagram post. Content takes not only time, but creativity and out of the box thinking that’ll draw in your audience in.

If you can’t come up with anything to really resonate with your audience, you’ll lose out to the competition. When you’re out of ideas, never had any to begin with, or just don’t have time to get your good ideas out there, a copywriter’s got you.

5. Your lead pipeline is running low

A website without content is like a balloon without air. Flat. Look at the facts. Content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising. It builds trust, answers questions and helps prospects find their way to the end of the sales funnel.

Since 47% of buyers view/read/scan three to five sources of content before deciding to speak to a sales rep, your content has to provide logical milestones to guide prospects on their buying journey. If you aren’t seeing a lot of leads, then you either don’t have enough content, you have really bad content, or you have the wrong content. A copywriter will influence prospects to click that CTA (i.e. call to action embedded within your conent).

6. Developing content takes you hours

Even if you’re acing content, but spending hours upon hours getting it done, chances are a ball is being dropped elsewhere. A copywriter will follow your lead and continue producing that awesome content while you concentrate on catching those other balls.

7. You don’t have the basics of Copywriting 101

Writing content requires some finesse, a certain “je ne sais quoi” if you will. Most people don’t know the basics of writing, let alone the trick to writing compelling content.

Compelling content adheres to a long list of rules and unspoken laws set by search engines. It also has to meet all the needs of your readers, fulfill demands of Google algorithms (whaaat?) and even follow those long-forgotten grammar rules.

There are so many factors at play, who knows where to begin? You know who? A copywriter.

8. Attracting the wrong customer?

Targeting is tricky. Even if you think you know how to talk to your customers and prospects, sometimes you just can’t seem to reach the people who’ll generate high quality leads.

It’s about understanding what information to provide and what information to avoid. With the right content you can not only attract the right customers, but also ward off people who are wrong for your brand. This will stop you from following trails that run cold, saving time and the heartbreak of rejection. Kind of like online dating 😊.

9. Content is always on the backburner

According to HubSpot, you are 13 times more likely to see positive ROI when you prioritize your blogging efforts. Today content has to hold a priority position in your marketing plan if you want to succeed. You need a solid content publishing plan that keeps content regular, consistent and relevant.

If you’re just squeezing it in under the wire, or rarely able to remain committed, you won’t have enough content to build momentum. That pro copywriter you’ve been avoiding? They’re the ones that’ll keep the ball rolling.

10. Ummm.. You hate writing.

The thought of sitting down to write even a simple Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn post makes you want to cry. You’re struggling to generate one great idea, and then put it in the right words that’ll generate traction. You always kind of hated English at school, or you might be resenting the whole social media movement that’s taking over business across all industries. Regardless of the reason, if you hate writing it’ll show in your content.

Just like animals smell fear, readers can sniff out insincerity, a lack of interest and general malaise in content. When it comes to social media, 91% of customers want authenticity from brands they follow. A passionate marketer who lives for writing keeps content fresh, sincere and interesting.

The fact that you’re here means deep down you know it’s time to hire a copywriter. I would love to help you find your voice to produce meaningful content marketing. Get to know more about me here, or better yet reach out today and we’ll wow your audience.

Copywriter for interior designers

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