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You're busy running a business, you don't have the time to write content. But writing and publishing great content is a non-negotiable in today's market. Your competitors are doing it, your prospects are expecting it. So how do we do it? You are an expert in your field. I'm an expert in mine. Together - we can make it rain and you can wake up to fresh content every day.


You still think you can lure new clients in with Facebook or Instagram ads? C'mon, your clients are smarter than that. They aren't responding to salesy, in-your-face type of messaging anymore. They can smell an ad from a mile away. You too, right? What they do respond to is engaging conversational content that sounds human. In fact, they are looking for it....without any prompt.

Your website is your #1 employee - selling your brand on your behalf 24/7. Does yours do that - attracting your ideal clients?

Your clients should be able to find your business on their own. Writing engaging blogs makes this happen.

You can grow your business exponentially with a strong online presence. Content tailored to your clients is key.

Hi, I'm Masha

I help businesses establish their brands online through content creation.

Based in Toronto but serving clients all over the globe, I work in a wide range of industries from commercial and residential real estate to interior design to home improvement and auto sales.

So what do I actually do? I'm a copywriter, content developer, and word ninja. I help businesses gain competitive edge, stand out online, build credibility and get more clients. I do that through audience-centric copywriting. That means your copy - whether it's a beautifully written website, captivating blogs or engaging social media posts - is designed to resonate with your ideal audience, grab their attention and convert them into clients.

Ready to get started?

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