In today's business landscape, it's easy for a business owner to feel completely overwhelmed when buzzwords like SEO, content marketing, and copywriting are tossed around as if everyone is a marketer. Not everyone is, and if you don't know what any of those things mean, that's fine.

What you DO know is that:

You need an industry insider to help you make informed decisions on all things marketing.

You need to have a strong online presence - a great website full of rich valuable content.

You need for clients to find you organically without doing too much legwork.

You need to gain a competitive edge and progressively grow your business.

Hi, I'm Masha

I help startups and established businesses - like you - to market themselves effectively.

I am a Toronto-based copywriter serving the global community. But I particularly love helping business owners in my own local community in Toronto and surrounding areas.

I develop and publish content, from beautifully written websites, captivating blogs and engaging social media posts to attention-grabbing emails. My goal is to help you get new leads, nurture old leads, and grow your business. Think of me as your industry insider, on-demand marketer, copywriter, and your brand ambassador.

Ready to get started?

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