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Turn your FAQs into Blog Writing

blog writing for interior designers

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Your frequently asked questions are packed with ideas for blog writing.

Coming up with content ideas for your business is tough. Especially if you have a day job and blog writing is more of an after-thought, than your immediate priority. Good news is that you are not alone. A lot of business owners are in the same boat. Content development for your business is an overwhelming responsibility that requires great writing skills that they might not have, and takes a lot of time that, you guessed it, they might not have.

Great news is that you might be sitting on a goldmine of blog content ideas without even realizing it. Let me explain.


If you have a FAQs page on your business website that lists frequently asked questions that your clients typically ask about your product, service, or your business in general, that’s great. If you don’t, that’s not a problem. Even if such page doesn’t exist on your website, the questions from your clients do. Because as long as you have a business and an audience, you’ll have questions about what your business does, how your product works, and what benefits they deliver.

Think about it, FAQs address the biggest pain points that your clients have when it comes to your area of expertise, or specifically, your product or service.


Blogs, at least the most helpful ones out there, help to educate and inform your target audience on various subjects that your audience is most interested in. Business blogging helps to increase your business’s online visibility, establish your company as an expert in your field, and turn the readers of your blog into an engaged audience.

When your blog writing is consistent – regular posting of helpful and valuable content on your business website – you earn credibility and trust of your target audience. Trust is key because people like doing business with people they trust.


So now that we’ve established why blogs are critical for your business, dig into your FAQs page. To do so, pull out each frequently asked question – one at a time – and use that as a discussion point for a full blog post.


Let’s take one example and break it down.

Say you are a website developer, and one of the questions on your FAQs page is “How to work with me”. What you can do is dive deeper into each question. Your audience wants to know what it’s like to work with you – a website developer.

Blog idea #1

Write one comprehensive blog post on “What to expect when working with a website developer”. Expand and elaborate on this topic and discuss the various elements that go into play when hiring a website develop to build a business website. Talk about the initial stage of defining a new project, discuss the process of approving design and functionality elements, as well as making changes and edits to the site, etc.

Blog idea #2

Write another post on “5 things that your web developer should know how to do”, and take this opportunity to highlight all the elements of the job, like the knowledge of SEO, or the ability to control website speed.

Blog idea #3

Another post can cover the “3 reasons why working with a web developer beats doing it yourself” and focus on all the benefits of having a website designed professionally, eliminating guesswork, save you previous time, and please Mr. Google.

Blog idea #4

You can also write a post on “The difference between a full-time and a freelance website developer” and discuss the pros and cons of each.

Blog idea #5

Write another post that covers “Hourly pay vs Flat rate for a website development” and help your audience understand what fits their needs best.

As you can see, I just took a single frequently asked question and made it into multiple comprehensive blog posts. How amazing?

Told you. Blog writing is a goldmine. One FAQ makes at least five blog posts.

Imagine the possibilities with your own business. Let me know if you need help with coming up with ideas for your blog posts or you want a professional copywriter to do the blog writing for you. Either way, enjoy the exciting world of blog writing and have fun growing your business.

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