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Interior design marketing

7 Mistakes Interior Designers Make on their Website that Need Fixing Pronto

One small inconvenience on your interior design website and boom you’ve lost your dream client to your competition. With millions of websites, small businesses and brands competing for attention, you just cannot afford to slip up. If you think you’re nailing it with your interior design website, here are 7 mistakes you might be making…
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Copywriter for interior designers

10 Signs you Need to Hire a Copywriter

Professional copywriter will tap into your brand and find the right words to connect with your audience. Here are 10 signs your business needs it. About a decade ago (or maybe even less) content produced by copywriters was kind of the elephant in the room marketers tried to ignore. It was like that stray cat…
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write great headlines for your blog

Never Write a Bad Headline Again

Here are 5 tips to turn mediocre to attention-grabbing headlines. No matter how good your blog or social post is, it’ll all go to waste if your headline isn’t compelling. Therefore, aim for a strong, head-turning headline that will not only be descriptive enough to let your audience know what your content is about, but…
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content marketing in the eyes of customers

What’s Content Marketing in the Eyes of your Customers?

Content marketing is the new form of marketing. Well, it’s not so much new, but it’s the new norm. It’s what today’s consumers expect from brands, like yours. Here is why your business needs content marketing. As consumers are getting incredibly tech-savvy, connected and informed, majority turn to Google and other search engines to research…
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blog importance for your business

How to Explain What Blog is if you aren’t a Marketer?

A guide to business blog benefits using non-marketing language. Anytime I talk to new clients, friends and family – who aren’t marketers – about blogging for business is always an interesting conversation. And by interesting I mean painful. And by painful I mean it always goes something like this…   A typical conversation about business…
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social media management

Social Media Management for your Business. Simplified.

Tips, tricks and shortcuts on how to manage your business social media accounts. And do that more effectively, waste no time staring at a blank screen, and generate great content ideas. You are a busy business owner and you’ve got 24 hours at your disposal. Ha! Most of us have to sleep and spend quality…
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Writing about page

About Page: BLAH to BOOYAH!

Your About Us page is one of the most important and visited pages on your website. People that land on this page are your most engaged audience, because they actually want to learn more about you and what you offer. They didn’t land on About Us page by accident and it wasn’t their entry point…
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blog writing for interior designers

Turn your FAQs into Blog Writing

Your frequently asked questions are packed with ideas for blog writing. Coming up with content ideas for your business is tough. Especially if you have a day job and blog writing is more of an after-thought, than your immediate priority. Good news is that you are not alone. A lot of business owners are in…
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