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evergreen content for interior designers

10 Evergreen Content Ideas for Interior Designers

What is evergreen content and does your interior design business need it? Evergreen content stays fresh and relevant to your target audience year after year with little to no update required…the content you bookmark and come back to time and again. And yes, your interior design business absolutely needs it. Why do you need evergreen…
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Blogging: Do People Read Blogs and does your Interior Design Business Need One?

Yes, and yes. The fact that you’re reading this confirms it. But some interior designers and firms roll their eyes at the thought of making blogging an integral part of their marketing blueprint. Because some think blogging is dead. Is blogging really dead though? Keep reading to find out if you should even bother starting…
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interior design marketing

The Ultimate Marketing Blueprint for Interior Design Business

Your passion to create beautiful and functional spaces deserves more than just word of mouth strategy for your interior design business. There has never been a better time to market yourself online because the way businesses operate post-pandemic has changed for good. So, instead of treating marketing as another task on your to-do list, see…
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write great headlines for your blog

Never Write a Bad Headline Again

Here are 5 tips to turn mediocre to attention-grabbing headlines. No matter how good your blog or social post is, it’ll all go to waste if your headline isn’t compelling. Therefore, aim for a strong, head-turning headline that will not only be descriptive enough to let your audience know what your content is about, but…
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content marketing in the eyes of customers

What’s Content Marketing in the Eyes of your Customers?

Content marketing is the new form of marketing. Well, it’s not so much new, but it’s the new norm. It’s what today’s consumers expect from brands, like yours. Here is why your business needs content marketing. As consumers are getting incredibly tech-savvy, connected and informed, majority turn to Google and other search engines to research…
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blog importance for your business

How to Explain What Blog is if you aren’t a Marketer?

A guide to business blog benefits using non-marketing language. Anytime I talk to new clients, friends and family – who aren’t marketers – about blogging for business is always an interesting conversation. And by interesting I mean painful. And by painful I mean it always goes something like this…   A typical conversation about business…
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blog writing for interior designers

Turn your FAQs into Blog Writing

Your frequently asked questions are packed with ideas for blog writing. Coming up with content ideas for your business is tough. Especially if you have a day job and blog writing is more of an after-thought, than your immediate priority. Good news is that you are not alone. A lot of business owners are in…
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