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sell your services online

“SELLING” is not a Dirty Word. Here’s How to Sell Services Online.

Pushy. Devious. Manipulative. Often, we associate these words with people trying to “sell” something to us or, we assume we need to be pushy, devious or manipulative in order to sell something to others. It obviously doesn’t have to be that way if you master the art of selling without actually selling. Ideally, anything you…
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niching down

The Ultimate Hack To Growing Your Interior Design Business: Niching Down

To the right customer, a specialist designer is preferred over a generalist designer. Ensuring your ideal clients choose you over your competition because you are an expert in something they care about is the way to go. Niching down helps you with just that. When you want to bring your interior design projects to life,…
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interior design marketing

THIS is the Kind of Marketing you Need in 2022

You know what’s easier than making a first good impression on your prospect? Making a bad one. And your marketing strategy can totally do that. The “one size fits all” marketing trends stopped working a long time ago. Today when everything from food to tech can be personalized, you need to go beyond the bare…
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interior design marketing

The Ultimate Marketing Blueprint for Interior Design Business

Your passion to create beautiful and functional spaces deserves more than just word of mouth strategy for your interior design business. There has never been a better time to market yourself online because the way businesses operate post-pandemic has changed for good. So, instead of treating marketing as another task on your to-do list, see…
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