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Blog & SEO Article Writing

For your business

Build your brand's authority

Business blogs get your business out on the market, in front of consumers that are actively searching for your product or service. Blogging raises your brand awareness and increases your online visibility. Today's consumer is an informed consumer, who seeks information before committing to an educated purchase.

In fact, 78% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via blogs rather than ads.

A few more reasons why blogging is magic:

Blogging drives traffic to your company's website, generating new leads for your business.

Blogging builds authority, brand awareness, and positions you as an industry expert.

Blogging increases your SEO. In other words, blogging helps you appear in Google's search results when people are looking for something related to your product or service.

Blogging works for you even when you sleep.

Blogging creates trust, enabling your audience to get to know the human side of your business and build long-lasting relationships.

Blogging, if done consistently, creates opportunities for your target audience to keep your brand top of mind and give them a reason to come back.

Blogging generates links to your website. This means, other websites link to your company's website if they find your content interesting, informative, and trustworthy.

How It Works

My process is simple, flexible, and as collaborative as you’d like it to be. My goal is to help you grow your business and free up your time.


We’ll discuss your brand and target audience, define your blog’s tone and style of writing, which resources to utilize, and logistics.


Based on our call, I'll put together a topic outline for your review and approval.


I will deliver a finished blog post to your inbox so you can post on your website.


Each blog post is optimized for search engines, utilizing critical keywords. Pricing varies by industry, topic and type of bundle contract. You can request one article, a series of weekly or monthly articles, or consider a retainer agreement.

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