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7 Biggest Website Mistakes (Tips from PRO Copywriter for Interior Designers)

website copywriting for interior designers

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As a seasoned website copywriter for interior designers, I drink in hundreds of interior design websites every month like a connoisseur savors a fine wine. But let’s be real – not all wines, or in our case, websites, are created equal. I’ve spotted patterns of mistakes that many interior designers make on their websites which hinder their reach and potential for success. Today, I’ll guide you through these seven deadly sins of interior design website copy and how to avoid them.

Let’s jump right in..

Mistake #1 – Neglecting copy above the fold

Think of your website as a novel, the first words as the opening line. They should hook your audience, immerse them in your narrative, and not leave them scratching their heads over a beautiful but context-less image. A striking image, no matter how beautiful, can never convey your unique value proposition with the same clarity and punch as a well-crafted copy.

Want a stat?

According to a study by NN Group, visitors spend 80% of their time above the fold. This means a well-crafted copy in this area is vital to capturing your audience’s attention immediately.

So, it’s kind of important. Make it count.

Don’t shy away from using this space to make your mark. Declare your intent and state your mission. Your homepage is not just a digital doorway—it’s your first impression.

Make it count.

Mistake #2 – Vague calls to action

Every website needs a clear call to action (CTA)—your compass needle directing visitors where to go next. A vague or weak CTA is like a broken compass, leading your potential clients into the wild without direction. Nowhere!

The impact?

It results in lost engagement and conversions, or inaction.

But there’s more..

Don’t use generic  CTAs like:

  • Create your dream home
  • Inspire your interior journey
  • Imagine the possibilities

They are not saying much, they lack specificity and are not guiding your website visitors to an action.

Here’s an interesting stat: Unbounce found that personalized CTAs convert 202% better than default versions. So, make sure your CTAs aren’t blah—tailor them to your audience and to a specific next step you want your audience to take for maximum impact.

Don’t just invite your audience to explore—lead them on a journey.

Want an example of a good CTA for an interior design website?

Here are a couple of great CTAs that compel website visitors – your interior design leads – to act. Not to mention, these CTAs create a sense of urgency.

  • Make your space uniquely yours. Set up a consultation with our design team.
    • <Button text> REACH OUT
  • Transform your ideas into reality. Book a consultation and take the first step.
    • <Button text>  LET’S CHAT
  • Discover the potential of your home. Book a complimentary consultation with our design experts.
    • <Button text> BOOK NOW
  • Let’s create your dream home together. Book your one-on-one consultation now.
    • <Button text> GET STARTED
  • Ready to transform your space? Schedule your personalized design consultation today.
    • <Button text> START YOUR JOURNEY

Mistake #3 – Missing calls to action

On the flip side, some websites go one step further into the wilderness by having no CTAs at all. None. Whatsoever. Without clear CTAs on every page, your potential clients may feel lost, like explorers without a map.

So, do this instead

Guide them through their journey, one step at a time. Whether that’s booking a consultation, downloading your lead magnet, or viewing your portfolio, every page should nudge your visitors further along their journey with you.

I do it all the time

As a copywriter for interior designers, I make sure to incorporate CTAs strategically across the site, every time I write website copy for clients. So should you.

Mistake #4 – Listing way too many ways to work with you

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Less is more. Not all the time, but most of the time. Are you familiar with “Jam Study”? It’s such a good illustration of how too many choices can overwhelm people and hinder decision-making.

Here’s what happened, if you’ve never heard of the study…

About the Jam Study

The researchers set up a tasting booth at a grocery store and alternated the display between six types of jam and 24 types of jam. They found that while the larger display attracted more initial interest, customers were far less likely to make a purchase—only 3% bought jam from the larger selection, compared to 30% from the smaller selection.

What this means

When presented with too many options, people can experience what’s known as ‘choice overload’ or ‘choice paralysis,’ where the decision-making process becomes too overwhelming, and they end up making no choice at all.

How it applies to interior design websites

In the context of your interior design website, offering too many services or options can have a similar effect. It might seem like more options, like…

  • E-design
  • And designer for a day
  • And VIP day
  • And colour consultation
  • And design concierge
  • And <insert your own service>

….would be more appealing.. Umm, nope! It can actually deter potential clients. A simpler, clearer selection of your core services can help customers understand what you offer and make a decision more easily.

Mistake #5 – Bulky text blocks

Reading a website should be a pleasure, not a chore. When visitors land on your website and see a large, wall of text, it’s like running a marathon when they signed up for a leisurely jog. Break your content into bite-sized pieces, use sub-headings like I just did above, and make your copy welcoming as the spaces you design.

Your paragraphs should be 3-4 lines of text long. Anything beyond that is harder to digest.

Also, watch out for those run-on sentences. Read your text out loud. If you find you need to take a breather towards the end, your sentence is too long. Break it up.

Mistake #6 – The missing personal touch

As humans, we all crave connection, even in the digital world. Stackla reported that 86% of consumers say authenticity is essential when deciding what brands they like and support. Sharing your story can humanize your brand, forming an emotional connection with potential clients.

Afterall, people want to do business with people, not faceless brands. Share your journey, your inspirations, your unique design philosophy. Personalize your website copy. By doing so, you allow visitors to form an emotional connection with your brand, turning potential clients into engaged ones.

Mistake #7 – Failing to build trust

Trust seals (a.k.a. social proof) can increase conversion by up to 42%, as reported by CXL. Imagine being asked to cross a shaky bridge with no safety net. Without any social proof—like customer testimonials—on your website, that’s what you’re asking of your visitors.

Establish trust by displaying:

  • Client testimonials
  • Before-and-after shots of your work
  • Case studies
  • Podcast appearances
  • Industry certifications
  • Awards or accreditations you may have

Show your visitors that they’re in safe, capable hands.

And a little reminder…avoid the trap of genericism

While this deserves it’s own dedicated section, I’ll leave it here just a reminder. In a crowded marketplace, standing out can be a challenge. If your copy sounds like every other interior designer out there, you become part of the crowd, not apart from it. Let your unique personality, style, and approach shine through your copy. Your distinctive voice could be the lighthouse that draws your ideal clients towards you.


Don’t make any of these mistakes. Each one is a missed opportunity. Infuse your website with a potent mix of personality, clarity, and value. And you can transform website into an engaging, client-converting powerhouse. Don’t just build a website—tell a story. Your story.

Masha, this is all too much!

I got you! Need help with your interior design website copy? Consider hiring a professional website copywriter (mua!) that specializes in the interior design industry. Reach out today!

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