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How to Explain What Blog is if you aren’t a Marketer?

blog importance for your business

A guide to business blog benefits using non-marketing language. Anytime I talk to new clients, friends and family – who aren’t marketers – about blogging for business is always an interesting conversation. And by interesting I mean painful. And by painful I mean it always goes something like this…   A typical conversation about business…

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Social Media Management for your Business. Simplified.

social media management

Tips, tricks and shortcuts on how to manage your business social media accounts. And do that more effectively, waste no time staring at a blank screen, and generate great content ideas. You are a busy business owner and you’ve got 24 hours at your disposal. Ha! Most of us have to sleep and spend quality…

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About Page: BLAH to BOOYAH!

Writing about page

Your About Us page is one of the most important and visited pages on your website. People that land on this page are your most engaged audience, because they actually want to learn more about you and what you offer. They didn’t land on About Us page by accident and it wasn’t their entry point…

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